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November 1, 2014 under Uncategorized

This post comes about a month delayed which is due to the fact that I’ve been really (I mean really REALLY) busy lately. As you can easily see by having a look at the falling post frequency I’ve been busier and busier since I’ve started with Intent Software and heading the “LITE Games” division. Well, this October we’ve now extracted LITE Games from Intent Software and founded a separate company: LITE Games GmbH. As a direct result I’m now officially quitting mPilot (or have quit mPilot with the end of September 2014).
So after a steady decline over the past year this blog now finally is discontinued. Thanks for reading, thanks for nice contacts and lots of spam. If you want to contact me you can still do so via the usual channels…

PS: Oh, in case I did not mention: we’re also on facebook :o)

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Into The Dead

After such a long stretch of time it’s inevitable that as a first sign of life that you get from me is a game about the dead :) Well, and also as so often it’s not really a new title I’m recommending for you guys to download and play: „Into The Dead“ (ITD) is an excellent 3D runner by PikPok.
Usual story: world’s gone down and is infected by zombies. You’re a/the lone survivor. Zombies are pretty slow but are coming for you and so you, guess what, „RUN FOR YOUR LIFE“. Of course it’s dark for whatever reason there are numerous crates with weapons lying around. To cut a long story short: although the gameplay is simple and mainly „just another 3D runner“ (so to say a better version of CubeRunner) it’s almost perfectly executed. Atmosphere is super dense, UI is great. Goals are getting harder in an ok manner (they could have worked a bit more on the balancing here) and progressing through the game is fun (if not addictive).
Plus (and here’s another lesson to be learned from the game): monetization of the tile is great. It’s a F2P title and PikPok is pushing pretty hard to upsell you IGC. But they are pretty good at not (totally) overdoing it. Also they balance external advert space for external ads and own/ingame ads pretty well.

Summary: get the game (it’s free for god’s sake) and see for yourself…

Into The Dead for iPhone/iPad
Into The Dead for Android
Into The Dead for Amazon/Kindle
Into The Dead for WindowsPhone

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4 years mPilot :o)

Dezember 2, 2013 under Business, Off Topic

Happy Birthday mPilot… Today it’s been 4 years that mPilot Mobile Media Consulting has been officially founded.
Well, you might have noticed that it has gotten pretty quiet on the mPilot front lately – this is due to my new position @LITE Games as well as my even newer position as father @ Family. However: mPilot is still active within the Mobile Games and Entertainment industry and I’m happy for the four wonderful years! Thanks!

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Daddy Was A Thief

September 11, 2013 under Android, Apple, Games, iPad, iPhone

If you are, like me, a fan of one thumb games here’s some nice time killing for you: Daddy Was A Thief. The game is basically an endless attempt to go down through stories of a large building by breaking through the floors. Our main character is a likable family dad (looking slightly like Peter Griffin) who gets fired (losing his job in a bank) and turns to crime to bring home the bacon.
New game starts and you can see how our guy flees from a bank he obvioulsy has just been robbing, he jumps to the next building and from now on you’re responsible. The guy needs to reach the ground floor to get out (or so I imagine) and so you control at which point to break the floor and crash down to the next level. Daddy runs from left to right until he hits an obstacle and you basically only have the option to jump up (and over obstacles) or to crash down to the next floor. Sounds dull? Well striclty speaking it is, but it’s one of those VERY casual games where you really can’t do that much to actively alter the story (let alone its outcome). However, Daddy Was A Thief (DWAT) comes with tons of power-ups, upgrades and costumes for Daddy. The UI design is very stylish (clean, reduced, trendy) and the game itself is funny enough to for a number of short bus rides. I’d say give it a try – it’s money well spend…

-> DWAT for iPhone & iPad
-> DWAT for Android

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August 18, 2013 under Apple, Games, iPad, iPhone

If you enjoy teasing your brain a bit by pushing numbers around then Sudoku is probably your cup of tea. Well, iTunes is full of Sudoku games for iPhone and iPad and most of them actually do a pretty neat job of transferring your classic pen and paper Sudoku to your smart screen.
As expected the just recently released Sudoku from LITE Gams is ding an extremely nice job here. It comes with three lovable designs (paper, wood and steampunk) and offers you an array of support features like highlighting numbers, hints and a mode to take notes. All in all an excellent and beautiful Sudoku and if you so far haven’t been into this game: give it a try! It honestly is great value for money…

Sudoku for iPhone: http://georiot.co/2rjd
Sudoku for iPad: http://georiot.co/4Azc

Mac Help: Eject External Harddrive

August 4, 2013 under Apple, Mac, Off Topic, Technology, Tools

Ever since I updated my MacBook to the Lion OS series it sometimes behaved a bit stubborn when I wanted to eject external HDs. I have Time Machine running on an external HDD (kind of the idea, I guess) and I frequently struggled when wanting to take my MacBook with me to work and to disconnect Time Machine disk prior to leaving the house. I hoped that Mountain Lion would bring relief but instead of the system working smooth with my external drives under Mountain Lion it even got worse.
To cut the long story short, here’s the solution if your Mac doesn’t want to part from your external hard drive: use a shell script!
Take a nice and pure text editor (I recommend CodeX) and copy the following:

#!/bin/bashcd /
cd Volumes/
diskutil unmountdisk force MyTimeMachineHD/

As you can guess you change the name of “MyTimeMachindHD” with the name of your external HDD. Then you save this piece of code and give it the file extension “.command”, i.e. if you called it “EjectDrive.txt” before you should end up with a file “EjectDrive.command”. That’s it. Double click that file and your Mac let’s go off your drive. Nice :)

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